You can repair your Kansas City-area home’s roofing, rather than replacing it

One of your largest investments on your house is your roof, and replacing it can be a major expense. Many roofing contractors looking to make a quick buck will tell you that replacement is your only option, but that’s not necessarily so. An honest, professional roofer will be able to properly assess any damage and tell you whether or not repair is an option.

There are a million things that can cause roof damage. Most common are:

  • wind storms,
  • fallen limbs,
  • ice build up, and
  • leaks around the chimneys, downspouts or roof ventilation pipes.

On occasion, it’s just a matter of some failed shingles, either due to poor application or some material failure that occurred during the manufacturing process.

Our professional roofers will be able to honestly assess the problems after a thorough inspection—that means checking the roof itself, the vents, and the gutters and downspouts. A follow up inspection from ground level can provide additional insight.

Replacing shingles is relatively easy for our roofing contractors, and they will work hard to find a precise match in color and appearance.

As a contractor that specializes in repair and maintenance, Priority Roofing has the experienced staff and the know-how to do the job right, the first time, on time, and on budget. That includes doing the work in an orderly and non-disruptive fashion, as well as keeping the job area safe and clean during the process. Of course, repair work also includes a thorough clean-up and disposal of old materials when the job is completed.

With the severe weather the Kansas City area receives, roof damage can occur without warning; if water leaks are involved, not only can your family incur damage to their possessions inside the house, but your house can incur structural damage as well, so a fast, professional repair is called for.

Priority Roofing has been satisfying homeowners in the Kansas City metro for years. We employ only experienced, professional roofers, and we specialize in working with insurance claims.

For a prompt, professional evaluation of your home’s roof, call Priority Roofing at (816) 880-3908.