Kansas City Gutter Installation

Seamless Gutter Replacement with Covers or Screens Saves You Time and Protects Your Home

Your gutters and roof work together to protect your home from water damage. When installed correctly, your gutters direct water away from your home’s foundation, preventing costly damage and preserving topsoil. And with gutter covers added during installation, you’ll never have to worry about clogs or cleaning again.

Gutter Services

Call Priority Roofing at (816) 880-3908 for:

  • New gutter installation
  • Gutter repair
  • Gutter covers and screens

Whether you’re replacing your old gutters, adding covers to existing ones, or needing a repair, Priority Roofing will take care of you.

Our Gutters

Priority Roofing uses high-quality industry standard seamless gutters and no-show hangers, to give you a cleaner look and a stronger, more reliable hold than traditional spikes. Seamless gutters reduce the risk of leaks and look streamlined for added curb appeal.

Choose from:

  • 5” or 6” gutter depths, depending on roof slope and your preference.
  • An array of colors, no paint required.


Why seamless gutters?

They’re less likely to leak, which means they can better protect your home and its foundation. Seamless gutters are also more durable than seamed, so they last longer, meaning you’re less likely to have to replace them again during your lifetime.

Add Gutter Covers to Your Installation

No gutter replacement is complete without including covers, sometimes called gutter guards. Gutter covers are one of the least expensive investments you can make to protect your home.


  • Block debris from building up in or clogging your gutters and downspouts.
  • Prevent tea-colored ceiling stains near the outside edges of the ceilings in your home.
  • Reduce frequent gutter cleaning, if you need to clean them at all.

Choose your gutter covers based on needs and budget. Our team can help you make a selection during the estimating process.

  • Screen gutter covers, made of perforated metal or plastic sheets that lay on top of the gutter.
  • Mesh gutter covers, which work like screen covers, but with smaller perforations.
  • Micro-mesh gutter covers, for protection from fine debris like pine needles.
  • Reverse-curve gutter guards, also called surface-tension guards, which allows water into your gutter and directs debris away.
  • Brush gutter guards, which resemble large pipe cleaners whose bristles stop debris from collecting in your gutters.
  • Foam gutter guards, which allows water to pass through the porous material, but blocks debris from entering the gutter.

Request an Estimate from Our Gutter Installer Team

If it’s time for new gutters on your home, Priority Roofing provides a free estimate. Call us or send us a message online, and we’ll visit you in person, take measurements, and tell you how much it will cost to upgrade your gutters and protect your house.