Siding and Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Contact Priority Roofing First Before Filing with Homeowners Insurance

In the event of roof hail damage, siding windstorm damage, or other natural disasters, Priority Roofing can help you navigate the insurance claims process so your home gets the repairs it needs. We can take payment from your insurance company to help you avoid paying out of pocket.

Do You Have a Siding or Roof Damage Claim?

Insurance claims and coverages vary by policy, but repairs or replacements are typically covered by most insurance policies. Your insurance carrier has a limited period for which they are liable for paying for roof hail damage or wind damage, so take action right away by contacting Priority Roofing for a post-storm inspection.

Damage takes a trained eye to find, especially because it sometimes isn’t obvious. Factors that determine the extent of damage include:

You may have a valid insurance claim even when none of your shingles or siding are missing, so don’t rely on this to determine whether your home sustained damage in a storm.

Instead, request an evaluation of your roof and siding from Priority Roofing in Kansas City. We’ll send an expert to your home to take a look at your home and provide information on whether you have damage worthy of an insurance claim. You should never file a siding or roof insurance claim for repairs that cost less than your deductible.

The Claims Process

1.  Your insurance company will assign an adjuster to your case and schedule a time and date for the adjustment visit.

2. Contact Priority Roofing with your appointment time, so we can speak on your behalf the day of your adjustment visit.

3. We will talk to your adjuster and point out where repairs are needed and to what extent.

4. Your adjuster will provide paperwork that details and describes the repair work to be completed.
5. Priority Roofing will review this paperwork with you to ensure all damages are included for repair.

6. We will schedule and complete your roofing and siding repairs.

7. Your insurance company will provide you with funds that cover the cost of repairs, minus depreciation. You will use this to pay us when the work is done.

8. If your policy includes full replacement cost, you may be able to claim the depreciation value difference. Your insurance will pay this out after we complete your repairs and you submit depreciation documentation.

Get Help for Your Storm Damaged Roof or Siding Today

Don’t wait to find out whether your home sustained damage in a storm. Request an inspection from Priority Roofing right away by calling us or sending a message online.