Roofs for new homes & buildings in Greater Kansas City

Priority Roofing is committed to providing subcontractors as dedicated to quality and professionalism as you are. Whether you’re adding on to a structure or have a new construction site in process, we will supply you with an experienced and skilled team to complete your new roof contracts. We stay informed and educated on the current techniques, materials and styles available in order to supply you with the continuous excellence your business needs.

A team of consistent, reliable roofing contractors

We are committed to providing superior workmanship and services for every job we do. Our team will arrive on time with all the necessary tools, equipment, and skills required to complete your roofing job.

Our sub-contractors work hand in hand with you to keep the project running smoothly. We understand the challenges involved in managing highly detailed construction plans and provide cost-efficient solutions that help keep things on schedule. No two jobs are exactly alike, and our subcontractors understand that circumstances such as weather and shortage of materials can disrupt your construction plans.

The members of our team maintain safe working environments that help increase productivity and effective operation. Whether we’re installing a residential roof or completing a commercial project, our team will organize and coordinate their work around the schedules set by the management and supervisors to meet deadlines. We work hard to keep you informed during every phase of the project and handle any questions or concerns quickly.

Here at Priority Roofing, our professionals use the best possible materials available to meet your roofing needs while keeping within your budget requirements. We understand how the latest construction methods increase the structural integrity and life of a roof and strive to incorporate these values into each project. Our staff keeps up-to-date on the local zoning laws, building codes and safety regulations to prevent project delays and keep the work areas safer for everyone. This helps us identify any problems and concerns that may arise early on and reduces problems during the building process.

For a free bid on your roofing job, give us a call at (816) 880-3908.