Attic Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation is the number 1 reason for roof failure. There must be equal intake and exhaust vents for the attic to be properly vented. The manufacturer will determine net free air of each product they sell. When Priority Roofing goes out for any reroof project ventilation is always evaluated because most roofs in Kansas City have improper ventilation. We will have homeowners tell us add more vents to the roof, but in most cases we need more soffit vents. If there are to many exhaust vents ,which are located at the top of the roof, it can cause snow or moisture to be pulled into the attic. I have seen the decking on roofs pop loose because the heat builds up and acts like a pressure cooker. We calculate the number of vents a roof needs by the attic floor space. We will use the vent charts that Lamanco ventilation puts out. Also if there are any cathedral ceilings there must be air space left between the insulation and the decking to allow for air movement. This is why we see blistering to shingles. So let Priority Roofing come out and evaluate your roof ventilation. To schedule a free evaluation call 816-880-3908

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