Hailstorms Bring Out Roofers in Kansas City

There are a couple of common mistakes homeowners make after a hailstorm. The first mistake they make is that they will see roofing signs going up in yards in their neighborhood so they assume they have hail damage so they call their insurance company. The insurance company does not send out an inspector they send out an adjuster. We always suggest that the homeowner have the roof inspected by a reputable roofer before filing a claim. This is very important because just because your neighbor is getting a new roof it does not mean you need one too. Calling out a reputable roofer can also avoid a NO PAY claim. The second mistake homeowners make is going with a roofer that has a lot of signs in yards. This only means they have a good salesperson. I recommend asking your local insurance agent or family and friends. Always do your homework or research on the roofing contractor you choose. I suggest staying away from the out of town contractors or the contractor who has the “800” phone number. If you need help in the Kansas City Area don’t hesitate to call Priority Roofing 816-880-3908.

What do we look for when evaluating a roof? We look for collateral damage first. This is damage to the soft metal such as gutters or roof vents. Then we inspect roof by marking off a 10′ x 10′ area and surveying damage in that area. We need to see 6 to 10 hits in that area. Priority Roofing will do that on at least two slopes of the roof. We will also evaluate siding, windows, screens and paint for hail damage. Here at Priority Roofing we pride ourselves on giving homeowners a honest assessment of hail damage. So remember don’t be scammed by an out of town roofer. Let Priority Roofing be your local in town roofer.

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